Saturday, 7 April 2012

Celtic Kiwi

I had not long moored up yesterday when, as I was entering through the back door, a chap on the towpath said, “Are you Maffi?” Well sometimes I ask ‘why they want to know’ or ‘how much do I owe you’ or some other equally flippant quip,but I just said “"Yes”.

Roger and Heather hail from Warrendyte in Victoria Australia. After introductions I invited them aboard for  tea, sadly I had no cake, hey ho! Here is Molly trying to get in on the act.DSCF3664R&H have a 6 week share in Celtic Kiwi and this is their  time. It is so nice that people stop by to say hello. I feel very privileged that people who read this blog want to take time out from their holiday just to say hello.DSCF3662

This is another reader that came by last week who I only know as Odet from face book. I did know their names but have since forgot. A German couple who live and work in Ireland. Germans with Irish accents sounds odd. Thank you all for stopping by.


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roger said...

Hi Maffi, it was our pleasure. Thanks for the tea, next time we'll bring a cake!

Cheers, Roger & Heather