Saturday, 14 April 2012

Every once in a while . . . .

. . . . some snivelling little shit raises the issue of Continuous Cruisers and why can’t they pay more. Canal Boat Magazine May Issue has some David ‘Nobody’ spouting off about how CCers should be paying more because they use the system more. Its the same old shit just a different writer. I have written hundreds of thousands of word on this subject (this is yet another thousand) and now I really am sick and tired of the whining.

If you bought a boat and have to leave it in a marina most of the year that is your problem not mine. I paid £748 for my 58 foot boat licence this year as did all boats of that length. Every single 58 ft boat has exactly the same access to all of the canal system as I do, so can someone please tell me why I should pay more for my licence?

I get nothing more for my £748 than any one else. You might argue that I get to moor up for free. Well it may have escaped your notice, but when you come out of your nice secure little parking lot with all the facilities, you too moor for free. Yes I know you pay to moor in the marina but you don’t pay to moor outside the marina so why  should I.

When you buy a boat you should go into it with your eyes wide open having researched all the financial aspects of boat owning, so that you know (at the outset) what it is going to cost you. Then you accept that, go out and enjoy your boat. This is what I did and every other sensible boat owner does the same.

You do not buy a boat thinking, “When I have my boat I wont be able to CC so I will make it hard for those that can”. You accept what it will cost you and enjoy your boat. If you don’t want to do that then go away and get a camper van, you are not wanted on the water.

I know what my boat is costing me. It cost me my vote at the last general election because I don’t have a post code. It costs me a fortune in bus fares because I cannot get a bus pass, I don’t have a post code. My heating bill is higher than others of my age, I don’t get heating allowance because I don’t have a post code. These are just three examples of what it cost me.

Why do all you whinging little shits who buy a boat, you cannot get good use out of, feel it is necessary for me to pay for your stupidity. I have an income of less than £500 a month which I receive for serving my country for over 25 years. Any plan to increase licences for CCers will actually see me, and others like me, living on the streets sleeping in a cardboard box, is that what you really want?

Whereas most of you have a house and your boat is a hobby, my boat is my home. If you cant afford to keep your boat on the water its really no big deal, you can sell it and still have a home. If I cannot afford to keep my boat on the water it is a big deal because it is all I have got. I can sell it but at what loss? Then what? As a single, white, male with a small military pension I qualify for BUGGER ALL. Whilst £500 a month is not to be sneezed at I would have to live in a hostel. Thank you for your support, you snivelling little whinger!

The simplicity of it is you are all jealous that some of us can have a fulltime life on the canal. You, are like spoilt little kids who, want someone else’s toys to play with. You are gonna scream until you get your way, you infantile little pricks. I have paid my dues, when you have paid yours you can have a life like mine. You will of course have to accept the bad bits, the muddy towpath, the lack of security, the spasms in your fingers from handling wet ropes nearly every day, the cramps in your legs that would fell a Marine, the spine that is only pain free in one position and you don’t know where that is. Until such time shut  up.

What you Muppets should be saying is ‘I only come out of the marina for two weeks of the year so I want a discount’. Or you could argue that boats in marinas should only pay a licence fee when they come out on to the system. Don’t fuck the CCer up because you made a bad-purchasing decision. I made a good purchasing decision I get the maximum benefit out of my licence, as do many others, the same benefit as you are entitled to if you were not a numpty. What you really mean is you have a job and a family and cannot make best use of your boat? I had a job and a family! I waited until they had all flown the coup before I bought my boat.

Leave us alone. You don’t want to piss us off coz if you Muppets get your way and we pay to moor, we are going to moor . . . . wherever we please . . . . in all the prime spots. You of course will complain, but will only have yourselves to blame.

The rank and file boater will not benefit from CCer’s paying any exrtra. Your licence fee will still increase by more than inflation year on year. It makes no sense to take this to it conclusion. When you are sixty plus and the bottom has fallen out of your pension pot and you cannot afford to live on your boat you are gonna be one sick puppy and I will be laughing at you from heaven or pissing on you from hell.

Give it up its a no win situation.

And relax . . . . . .


Anonymous said...

spot on Maffi- Enjoyed Yarwood's post on this too.

I personally think this is just a good old fashoined class war. Being judgemental without knowing highlights the weakness in a man.

In lamens terms... Some 'posh' boaters do not like ordinary folk & vice versa. Both as bad as each other.

If you can afford to have a lovely marina berth then good on ya.
If you live on the towpath, good on ya.

The only people who should not be on the cut are those who drop litter or do not pay their dues, whatever they may be. NO EXCUSES!

Kevin Ronnie- Coventry

Oakie said...

Well said Maffi. Not many adjectives left to use on twats (there's one) like this. Didn't realise that you were missing all those OAP benefits 'cos you have no post code. There's no justice in that - think I might just hang on to my bug hutch after all.

eimages said...

I agree thet there are more positives for CCs than negatives:

their existence has a benefit to the system as they are around more often than than casual boaters and can deter vandalism and theft just by being there

most CCs are decent people who pay more than their share of duty to the government via their high diesel usage.

the problem with most critics of CCs is the minority of itinerant, abusuve, licence dodging boaters who clog up honey pot sites - this problem should be easy to sort, but, the danger is that genuine CCs will be punished as a result

all the best and thank you for serving our country

evening cloud

Dave B said...

Well said I feel that the anti CCer's
are just jealous of your free lifestyle I am also ex service about to move onto nb Sokai and to CC shame we are the only thing he has to complain about Dave

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Couldn't agree more Maffi, us continual cruisers abide by the rules set down for the use of the waterways. We enjoy what we do and have met many lovely people on our travels, some of whom have become good friends. The continuous cruising community tend to help each other out in times of trouble too. We have found that our floating life is so similar to the friendly town life we once knew.

Steve said...

Oh well said Maffi!

As a gongoozler (for now) it seems to me that all Messrs numpty and co want is for everyone like you and other CCers to stump up the cost of their mooring fees so they can have them for fuck all at your expense. Now I don't see that as fair at all!

I'm with you all the way on this one, and I live in a house and have yet to launch our boat on the cut. If you choose to stay in a marina or mooring for what ever the reason, I say shut up and pay up or else sell up and make room for those who choose to pay.

Why is it always the case that whatever walk of life there is, there is always a few that have to mess things up for the many?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Maffs, feeling a bit grumpy this morning, are we?


Well said, anyway. Re post codes, is there no one in your life that will let you register on their electoral roll? It's all you need to do to get a postcode + all the benefits, you don't actually have to live there. I know, 'cos that's what we do, the LA knows and is cool with it. So we get the bus pass, the winter fuel allowance, the whole bit.

Hang in there


Caroline said...

Although we haven't got a boat yet we know that when we first get one we will need to pay for and moor in a marina or likewise, we are under no illusions of what this cost is likely to be, we certainly wouldn't want anyone who is a cc'r to have to pay higher rates than they do already, and one day I hope we can follow the cc'r life, but in the short term its simply not going to possible, so a secure mooring it will be where we can leave our dream in relative safety, it's our choice, I was fuming when I read the CW pieces, Well said Maffi, again! Carolne and Martin

Wozie said...

All boat owners pay a licence fee which is used for maintaining the waterways and tow-paths for all.

The money paid by boat owners who keep their boats in marinas benefits the marina owners only.
Wozie nb Oakfield

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Oh Maffi I do so love it when you rant. No one does it better. Succint and to the point, you call an ace an ace--or an arse hole an arse hole. I am so glad you are one of us CC'rs--or I am one you CC'rs, however one chooses to view that. Never say die! (And I hope our paths pass again soon.)

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Great post as always and well said. I completely agree with you. The CCers are the ones who keep the canals dredged and report all the damage done as well. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Maffi, from non CC'rs, we only managed 100 days last year, we totally support your rant. Isn't this stupid jealousy a symptom of the number of boats on the system and in marinas at present, eg 2,000+ moorings in 4 miles at the end of the Trent and Mersey. Boats brested up on BW continious moorings near honey spots etc
Ken & Sue nb Cleddau

Chris Mann said...

Crikey Maffi, you whine more than they do and yet you spent 25 years of your life defending their right to say what they want - no matter how stupid it makes them sound. There will always be those small minded individuals who see the solution to their problems as bringing everyone else down to their level of misery and perceived inequality - you should have learnt to ignore the insignificant little twerps by now though especially after 25 years in the RAF!

If it makes you any happier I am truly envious of your lifestyle and that of all CCers, I believe you should get a license discount just because you have the balls to live a life that shuns possessions, wealth, security and all the other things us conventional robots hold on to because we are a just a little risk averse (and still enjoy the expensive things in life, too much so to give them up just yet)

My wife and I both have armed forces pensions having served a combined service of 47 years, we also both work very hard to afford our beautiful home, fund our children's lifestyles (despite them supposedly leaving home) our sports car and god knows how many toys and gadgets we will never use - a boat is our escape from the robotic rat race that allows us to pay for it - it's a catch 22 - but paying for a license and a mooring are a small price for the peace and joy - I certainly wouldn't want to remove anybody's ability to use the system to its fullest and ultimate use by unaffordable cost increases and anybody who does is frankly just a moron who deserves what they generally get - a stiff ignoring.

Any price rises to licenses would have to be sustainable and lead to an increase in net income, simple, your off the hook.

Maffi said...

Chris in spending my life defending their right to say as they like I also kept my right to spout off.

Thanky you all for reading

Chris Mann said...

Maffi absolutely, you'll probably never know just how much I enjoy reading your rants either - I came here this afternoon as a ten minute break from reading an incredibly boring research report when I realised I was giving myself paper cuts on the page corners just to remind myself I was alive!

Maffi said...

Oooo that must be a boring report.

Ruth said...

Well said,Shame he can't find something better to write into the mags for!


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Its all a matter of perspectives.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone is a critic. Its one of life's natural balances that our perspectives can and will change.

Sometimes the difficulty is keeping opinions in perspective depending on the reality of their importance.

On balance, the future of the NHS -v- the charges laid against CCers is always going to be of "no great importance" on the grand scale.

Unless you are a grumpy old boater with short arms and deep pockets enjoying a reasonable standard of health.

However, let your health become a more serious issue, I guarantee your perspective will change.


Pineapple Girl said...

Greetings from the US, I enjoyed your post (and blog). Sounds like another case of "I want what you have so I want to make it harder for you to have it." like that makes ANY sense!!

John Sloan said...

continuous cruisers are just free loaders. How dare they have the freedom to do as they please. Spend the winter months frozen in, walking dirty muddy towpaths, not being able to get water due to frozen taps. To top it all how dare they keep supporting all those canal business's 12 months a year.

Heth said...

I think people are getting too caught up in this particular case. The guy who wrote the article was just one person. Just one. These comments have spilled over by CCers into a diatribe about all marina moorers. That guy has as much right to free speech as the rest of us. The over sensitivity displayed here does indeed sound extremely aggressive. The guy himself was simply ignorant.
Nobody here seems to realise that marina based boaters don't want that kind of hardship out on the canals all the time. We aren't jealous, it's just the opposite!
And the guy himself has nothing whatsoever to do with BW who are trying to enforce this. Please remember that, CCers do not own the canal system. And marina based boaters in general really aren't interested.
Perhaps those living on the canals should remember that marina based moorers are the majority. We aren't burning with rage over this issue. And I can't understand why we are being blamed en masse. Resentment is it? It has nothing to do with us - please remember this when ranting. One guy speaking out does not represent us all. From what I've read here it's just fine & dandy for CCers to throw misplaced anger at us all. But it doesn't work the other way round.
Just one CCer saying we're jealous of them makes me laugh. But I don't get on my soapbox & get carried away ranting about it, & then including all CCers!
I see a danger here of canal boaters becoming categorised & fragmented by being wrongly judged.
We've met up with many CCers out on the cut, never once has anyone said or referred to the problem being "our fault".
So why all the hostility & anger?


Maffi said...

Part 2
CCers give a lot to the system for free. EG last year when confronted with a fallen tree all the non Ccers waited for the contractor. This CCer got out the saw and cajoled the others to help remove those parts of the tree we could handle. By the time the contractor arrived 2 hours later nearly a quarter of the tree was already out of the way. I always retie drifting boats, few do! And on my way around the canals I report to BW things that are wrong, few do! You may have read that I collect litter wherever I go 160+ black bin liners full in 6 months plus a large TV, two Porta potties, several tyres, various lumps of wood and a very large pile of dog poo. No we Ccers don’t think we own the waterway, but in general we care for it more than others simply because we are there all the time. We get a bit pissed off when we see the way others treat the canal. We spend a lot of time on our own. We may seem unfriendly at first but say hello to us and we will not stop talking for a long time. We are not, and specifically I am not, who you make us out to be. Yes I am a grump on this blog, it’s my blog, I can say what I like, but I never ever censor comments, it the free speech thing again, something you demand, but deny me. You will notice all of your comments have appeared here. Can you say the same about mine?
I am guilty of caring for the system and having the balls to stand up and say so, albeit in a way that most are not comfortable with. You are guilty of misleading people, misinformation, twisting what I have said to suit your own agenda, whatever that may be? You are guilty of scaring people. There is not one person comes through here that I interact with that would agree with you about me. (see post 23 on your rant).In fact people who come from the other side of the world make a point of seeing me on their way through. They even come for tea.
You may or may not respond to this post, your choice, but I will not continue this any further.

Oh, by the way, David Nobody was metonymical not plural.(I have a book about such things would you like to borrow it?)

Heth said...

Maffi, I don't think we'll ever agree on this. You wrote it your way, I read it mine (without an agenda).

Because we don't understand each other it's turned into a bone of contention.

I haven't written any further posts disrespecting you & I don't need to. I'm not bothered that you have done. Like you said, its your blog (& mine's mine).

I'm sure if ever we met up on the cut we'd have loads to talk about not rant to each other about.


Wozie said...

Marina dwellers will not be happy until they have shot themselves in the foot and got charges introduced for mooring canal-side when they are out cruising, will they?
This won't hit them in the pockets as much as continuous cruisers who cannot afford the high fees that marinas charge.