Monday, 26 November 2012

Atherstone and beyond

Coming into Atherstone last week I met Pickles No2 coming out. Haven’t seen Pete since last years trip up the Ashby. I stayed over night above the locks then moved down to the King’s Head Where I spent a pleasant evening with Andy and Helen Tidy nbWandering Bark

Image1357I was moored between lock 5 and the main road so I didn’t notice the wind when I set off at lunch time. By the time I had dropped 4 locks I was beginning to wish I was back at the pub. I stopped of to visit with Sue and Dave on nbBEEFUR who were moored at Bridge 47. Sue was offering cake so that was a no brainer. After a pleasant hour with them I set off for Polesworth. Dave helped me down the last two locks.


Quite a pile of collected rubbish on the roof. I should have got rid of it at the top lock. However it wasn’t far to the next disposal point if only the wind would stop trying to blow it all off. I stopped at Bradley Green where there is a sanitary station which was good because Milly M was listing at an alarming angle and needed a pump out. Unfortunately pump out is not allowed in the elsan, but I did managed to half fill a dumpster with the contents of the roof.

It were bloody hard work getting to Polesworth. I moored just past Bridge 54. That is where, when trying to avoid one pile of do-do I manage to step into another. Pah!