Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fazeley Junction

When I arrived at Fazeley Junction I noticed the water level was almost up to the the bank top. This path was dry. It wasn't until I had set up my hose and was taking on water that it occurred to me that the path was getting wet.DSCF5668I stopped taking on water and left before it got too deep to paddle in. It had probably risen about 3 inches while I was there. Apparently the leisure parks/lakes, up the Birmingham Fazeley canal, were emptying their surplus into the canal, thereby flooding the junction.DSCF5671

It is difficult to see here but there is water running down the kerbstone, in between the top two rails you can see, which wasn’t there when I arrived. I did actually walk on to the estate to see if there were any drains. I think the first house, and probably the next, will be paddling tonight.


No Direction said...

I saw sand bags in front of those houses back in 2007. Your right the lakes at Kingsbury Water Park overflow into the cut, the park is made up of old gravel pits and on the opposite side of the park to the canal the river Tame floods, the whole place can turn into a huge lake.

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