Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fradely Junction

This has been a busy place. I arrived Tuesday and had tea and cake aboard nbEllen with Phil and Sally Bridger. They came to visit last year when I was at the top of the Ashby Canal before the had their boat.

Walking Molly Wednesday morning I happened across nbSeyella where I was plied with more tea (not complaining). Geoff had just recently fetched Margret from her friend’s house where she had been recovering since she came out of hospital. He had to take the hire car back so we set off to Tesco’s for shopping first. I love boating people!

nb5G has been a close neighbour off and on having passed them several times since Banbury. We had a chat this morning at the water point. While chatting nbDebdale came past but its not the same people. I walked on down past the lock and found Geoff watering up by the cafe. More tea was drunk and  Molly and I set off with a windlass to see Geoff down the next two locks. At the second lock we met Nev of nbWaterlilly. Nev was on my ‘yet to meet’ list and has now been promoted to my ‘bloggers I have met’ list. He is off to pick up his new boat this week from Braunston.

I helped the coal boat up the locks, and later bought coal before I set off aboard nbMilly M down the lock to get rid of several bags of collected rubbish at the disposal. Well shiver me timbers if a chap on a bike didn’t stop for a chat. nbNo Direction. Ray you been promoted.

So much happening I am worn out. I moored on the 48s opposite the cafe. I think I will stay fro a day or two I have a few jobs to do not least replacing a skin fitting I had sheared the top off a week or so ago. Ho hum!


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Maffi
Chap off No Direction is Ray, who helped me down Fradley Locks last Saturday.
When you decide to head to Alrewas, give me a call. If we're still here I'll lock you down.

Nev Wells said...

What a coup .....bagging two bloggers in one. Nice to meet you and Molly as well as Geoff. This Internet blogging thing really is a positive. If you are around about Alrewas I might see you early next week, I'll look out for your return if I am on schedule.... Just added the Tuesday to my leave request....might make the journey a little less pressured.

Take care


Anne / Olly said...

If you're ever in Belgium, look us up and take us off your 'yet to meet' list. Warm welcome awaiting.

Maffi said...

So apparently I have met Anne & Olly but I have no idea when, but in the last week.

Anne / Olly said...

Don't think so, not until you cross La Manche!

Maffi said...

Ah its what you said that made me think we had met somewhere last week.