Friday, 30 November 2012

The Leveson Report

Lord Justice Leveson at the behest of David Cameron investigated the newspapers. “We want answers,” said Cameron. “We want solutions,” said Cameron. So after a very long time LJL found the answers and made good suggestions for the solutions. And Cameron said, “Ahhhhggggg!!! I cant do that I will lose votes”. What a MUPPET.

Tonight on Radio 4 a programme discussing the implications of the Leveson Report had a number of invited guests (from the Newspaper industry) squirming in their seats, and coming up with all sorts of reasons why these solutions would be wrong. All suggestions seemed to me to be totally vacuous. Of no merit whatsoever.

Seven times in the last seventy years the Government has had to intervene and question the way the press operates and seven times they have taken the easy way out and settled for self regulation. In each case the accepted self regulation has failed miserably. Leveson has suggested that there should be a legal body that will keep an eye on what the papers are doing (not what they are saying).

The Leveson Enquiry has nothing to do with freedom of the press. Even if it had “the Press” has proven that having the responsibility that goes with such a freedom is totally beyond them. What the Leveson Report is advocating is that rather than letting the Press decide whether or not they have broken the law, (a bit like asking a turkey if he is ready for Christmas), that an independent commission decides with the full force of the law behind them. This will not affect their freedom of speech, this will not put the government in charge of what they say, this will not dilute their rights to report what is happening. What it will do is ensure that when they break the law they will be brought to book and if necessary jailed for such crimes as invading people’s privacy, buying Police Officers, phone hacking etc. etc. etc. These things are already legislated for, but it would seem that the Press Complaints Commission doesn’t have the teeth to make the Press answer. Had this been the case Leveson would have not been asked to Enquire into anything and would have had his feet up in front of the TV for the last year.

I will never agree that this report has anything to do with the freedom of the press. It will however curtail the press’ perceived freedom to break the law and damage peoples lives with impunity.

As for David Cameron, his comments in the house yesterday simply proved he is not up to the job of PM. A typical toff, full of hot air and bullshit. The sooner we get rid of him the better. Roll on 2015.