Sunday, 2 December 2012


So here I am in Alrewas. I arrived yesterday afternoon. I am not a happy bunny coz some people here are dirty bastards.


They deserve to be hung by the testicles!


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Good idea. It would certainly make it difficult for them to have children that perpetuate their parents' filthy habits.



James and Debbie said...

That's nothing, Deb stood in a pile of horse crap up to her ankle yesterday :-)

Maffi said...

On the towpath? or in a field? Either way its not the same as doggie doo doo on a mooring bollard. :)

Halfie said...

That's got me thinking ... I wonder what the towpath was like when the motive power was horse (or animal) power. Did horses have poo-catchers? Or did locals regularly gather the dung for manuring their gardens/fields?

Maffi said...

In those days I don't think members of the public were allowed on the towpath so it wouldnt have been a problem.