Thursday, 6 December 2012

More Waste?

If there is no money why are the CRT wasting money on mooring rings on the Trent & Mersey. This is one of twenty new rings installed just past the aqueduct north of Rugeley, in an area where people won’t moor anyway.
So why is this a waste? 1. It seems they were installed by 5 year olds and adhere to no ‘craft’ quality that I have ever seen (cement between the bricks would have been nice). 2. This length of bank is on the off side and close to the bypass. 3. If you look closely at the top of the picture, these twenty rings have been installed along a length of ARMCO piling. WHY?

Well it is obvious if you think about it. The moorings are for CRT vessels. Why do CRT need a substantial mooring to tie their boats to when they only ever tie the up with a ropey old bit of string? Who knows!

One end of this flat was tied to a ring the other was tied using a piling chain, as you can see!

If one of these rings costs as much as a bollard this installation has cost £20,000! This is a waste of money. There is an alternative which I doubt was ever thought about. While this is normally installed during construction it can be done afterwards.

Well look at that mooring rings on ARMCO piling. I bet for £20,000 you could put one of these every foot along the whole canal.

How much more money are CRT going to waste?


andy said...

They were put in by volunteers being trained by members of the Shropsire Union Canal Society

Andy (NB Steelaway)

Anonymous said...

Andy Healey said...

Not sure if it was installed by volunteers as mentioned on No Directions blog.

Tug Wilson said...

It said in the towpath newsparer that this work was done by the Lichfield CC & was all volunteer, CaRT just provided the hopper

Bruce in Sanity said...

Maffs: I agree that the quality is very disappointing, but at least it wasn't CRT money. It was an IWA Branch effort, funded with dosh from the Burton National, and cost a LOT less than 20k, more like 2k.

It's good to see something concrete as a result of a National…

Lichfield Branch is trying to rehabilitate that area by cleaning up the offside access down the "Bloody Steps" and encouraging mooring. They were advised by a guy from SUCS, so I'm surprised the bricks aren't better laid; the SUCS ones usually look very smart.

All the best


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
Actually I wouldn't be surprised if a five year old had made a better job of it.
I expect the contractor's guide dog enjoyed the walk along the towpath though.

Maffi said...

This strip of non-towpath is a, on the off side, b, has no eatery in sight and c, right next to a friggin' bypass. Who in their right mind would have thought that anybody except a terminally deaf anorexic would want to moor here!