Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Newbold Tunnel

I have posted here before about the lighting in the Newbold Tunnel. Of the thirty lamps in the tunnel there were only five working when I came through last month, that’s one less than last year. I have reported it to the council and CRT. The Council said it was a CRT problem and they they would pass on the information to the CRT. Fair do’s.

The CRT said on Twitter DM

Morning Maffi, did you see all the messages about the lights? I had to send it in 4 parts?

Thank you. There were three partners in this project, yourselves, RDC and A.N.other. Have they been contacted for a solution/help

All are involved but the solution is not forthcoming. The fittings are broke so no use putting new bulbs in as they blow and the council are even saying they may cut the electric supply altogether....and so it goes on I’m afraid Maffi :(

Was this a Diwali (sp) project? The Indian community might like to be asked for an input.

Yes, very funny Maffi :)

It was not meant to be funny!


This project was indeed a Diwali project in 2005. It cost £195,000. Personally I think it was a rip off, but I would assume a big slice of that money was getting the electric to the tunnel. It is amazing that this was only supposed to last for a few months. What is sad is that neither the CRT nor the Rugby Council think it is worth putting a few light bulbs in to make the project work. I cannot imagine in the great scheme of things that the cost of light bulbs and electric is in anyway a factor. The local council probably spend more than this cost on biscuits for their tea break!

CRT say that some of the light units are ‘broken’. I think a clever manager might be able to ask the original installer to replace the ‘broken’ units on a cost only basis.

There is not enough money to do those things that ‘need’ doing. I remember a few years ago BW spent an absolute fortune on placing trip hazards sorry, bollards at each lock. Three bollards at each lock cost £1000 each bollard. There are 46 locks on the Oxford so that is £138,000 just for the Oxford Canal bollards.

_40954066_rugbytunnel203DSCF1333The tunnel as it is supposed to be and as it appears at this time

If it is not possible to get this project  going again, and I dont care either way, then let them strip it all out and be done with!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi- Was it really £1k for a bollard installed on a Project that size?
Someone made a killing on that.
I arrange for bollards to be installed as part of my job.
We could do it for less than 1/2 that and still make 35% gross margin. Only 46 locations to visit too.
I saw the type & install of aforementioned bollards. £1000 a pop is scandalous!!!!

Anyway, away from the gravy train.... Hope you are well & enjoying your trip

Kevin Ronnie- Coventry