Sunday, 23 December 2012


I awoke yesterday with the feeling that the general appearance needed some attention. No not the standing to … kind, but the paying … to kind. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but having caught my reflection in a window the other day I decided the "’High Plains Drifter’ look was not really going to pull any birds. Not that I want to ‘pull any birds’ but I just felt that it was someone else looking back at me through the mirror.

I took the beard off first  then the ‘tache and finally the hair, but I went easy with the hair. I might have it done again in a week or two.

I arrived at the top of the high street, pushed open the door and was approached by a chap.
“Do you have an appointment,” he asked as I entered the ‘salon’.
“Do I need one?” I said. “I have never had one before and I don’t think I want to start having appointments at my time of life. I turned to go.
“I am sure I can fit you in,” he said.
“What like now", well I didn’t want to be kept hanging about did I.
“Yes now,” he said.
”What right now!” I said, “OK.”
I said to the chap in the hairdressers, “I am a writer and this is my writer look. When I leave here I still want to look like a writer. If I get short back and side I wont pay!
“I think we can help you there sir, GLADYS is a fine hairdresser,” he said (I have changed the name to protect the innocent).
“But she is a …a gi-i-i-irl,” I protested. “I am a boy... ish.”
“Yes don’t worry sir, she wont let you down.”
“It will be a bit late if she does, she cant stick it all back on again.” Oh well if nothing else I get a free haircut.

I got a cup of tea and a mini mince pie.

Can you believe it she wanted to wash my hair. Damn it I only washed it last April why on earth would she want to wash it again so soon. In the end It didn’t hurt at all. The trouble with hair today everyone thinks if it is short it’s styled, Piffle! Sheared is a better description. And the idea of shaving your head to make yourself look ‘Hip’ is absolutely pathetic. That too is not a hair style you simply cannot style no hair.

So this is the end result. Whadda ya think?






Captain Ahab said...

Gladys did ok.

James and Debbie said...

Deb finally pinned me down this week and attacked me with the scissors. Luckily my hair is really curly so taking chunks out doesn't do too much damage. Before the haircut she called me a hobo and I didn't get offered coffee or a mince pie - I feel short changed.

Lyraboat said...

Well, it won't frighten the kids, in fact it's a much friendlier look.

Neil Corbett said...

Gosh! Well, I presume you paid. I think it's far less scary :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)

BigJohn said...

That's definitely a great improvement. More like "Maffi"!
Happy Chistmas
nb Epiphany

Tom and Jan said...

IMHO you no longer look like someone who will scare small children :-)

Wozie said...

All you need now to complete 'the look' is a bit of beauty therapy!
Unfortunately Keith doesn't have as much hair as you so I just run over it with a close cut trimmer. I must say I don't like seeing men with thinningd comb-overs, and pony tails don't suit some either. Your account of what happened with 'Gladys' made us larf out loud, fantastic!

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

You look much better now. Happy Christmas xxx

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

Looking good there Maffi. Merry Christmas to you from the crew of Hadar, Keith, Jo, Paddy & Marmite.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
I wish I had enough hair to warrant seeking people's opinion of how I look.
At least my hairdresser hasn't started charging a search fee.
Maybe you should regrow the moustache, it would be a good look with a bowler hat.

Carol Palin said...

Much better - we can see the real you now. Merry Christmas!!


What's that song !!! - " I'm sexy and I know it ".........Jacquie. Looking good maffi


What's that song !!! oh it's come to me - " I'm sexy and I know it " Looking good Maffi. Jacquie


What's that song !!! Oh it's come to me now !!! "I'm sexy and I know it " Looking good Maffi - Jacquie

Allan said...

1/2 A BIT Nick Nolte
3 I think I know that tart in the third picture. lol
4 I think thats my brother


Pirate Badger said...

In the 3rd photo you bear a striking resemblance to Dick Emery?! "Ooo you are awful..." Hehehe! :oP