Saturday, 8 December 2012

Staffs & Worcs

I took a walk out today with a few bags only to find three were not enough. The canal here is disgusting and the main culprit is the fisherman. I found numerous bait bag, hook packets, discarded floats not to mention the obligatory pile of sweet wrappers and fishing line.

I found a new menace today. The weed whacker/brush cutter. Whose idea was it to use these? Whilst very effective at cutting weeds and brush they also shred crisp packets etc. and CANS!!! Making one hell of a mess and leaving some very dangerous debris for wild animals to get caught on.

Sorry you will forgive me for saying this, but the volunteer scheme is not helping the wildlife in this area. It is ill considered and downright dangerous for wild and domestic animals. Why, oh why, can’t they send  someone to pick up the rubbish first then cut the weeds down. Rocket science it isn't!!!

Or don’t they care?



Pirate Badger said...

Why appoint yet another custodian of the inland waterways from a tower of steel & gleam, when the true holder of the appointed title is right before us... With an inadequate supply of bin bags 'n' all?! :o)

Maffi said...

And I was wearing my tee shirt.