Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Junction

Summer long gone.
Autumn past.
The falling leaves
cover the towpath
along the canal.
Winter closes in
around the junction.
Smoke twirls up
from the chimney tops
that surmount the
brightly coloured
narrowboats moored
along the bank side.
Water drains away
through leaking
lock gates as never before.
No longer maintained
to save precious water.
There is no money
in fixing leaks.
Boaters accepting lack
of water as the norm.
And there across the
Junction, The Swan
known as the Mucky Duck
for nigh on 200 years.
Seems still to be
of ancient build,
with modern dust
adornment to cover
over old varnished
woodwork. Cracking
through age along
the grain these
past long years.
Quality paint jobs in
Nurser style of
Roses and Castles.
Now a dying skill
fading with the years
and wearing with use.
The beer pumps polished
fine and bright.
The cold night closes
in around the warm pub
and customers cosy
drink their fill
of good ales.
Drinking in the history
of the junction,
echoed off the towpath
along the canal.

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