Monday, 10 December 2012

To bug or not to bug

I set off for Penkridge today and met my first deep lock for ages, Deptmore Lock. 10’ 3” I set the lock, put the boat in gear and it drove itself in. I checked the forward motion on the centre line. The lock has a old cantilever style bridge  that used to have a gap in it for the tow rope. That's been modified now.

I worked up the lock and pulled over to visit the weed hatch. It took me half an hour to get this piece of rope off the prop. I had to cut it three times before it finally came off releasing a load of plastic bags.
I set off  and before I had gone 50 yards the engine stopped. I started it again, it stopped again. After several tries I set to thinking that I had run out of fuel, No! nearly 3/4 of a tank. This did surprise me. So thinks I this is what happens when the old diesel bug rears its ugly head, BUGGER!!!

Up with the engine boards. I put a spanner on the fuel filter centre bolt and was just about to loosen it when I thought best turn the fuel off first. Looking under the back deck I could see that it was off already. Doh! I must have knocked it off when down the weed hatch. Silly me! Well more to the point silly Ledgard Bridge Boats stupid place to put the fuel tap.

I turned it on and the engine burst into life. YAHOODIE!!!!! and away we went. Phew.

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