Saturday, 5 January 2013


My gear box spat its oil out today. Now I am really pissed!


Kevin said...

Oh Maffi, you're certainly having a really crap start to 2013... hope things improve for you soon!

Allan said...

Your not having a very good start to the New Year Bro, lets hope it can only get better.

Halfie said...

Sounds like you're drowning your sorrows to excess!

Same thing happened to Shadow a few years ago - it was a split joint on a pipe and reasonably easy to get fixed.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Things can only get better thinking of you.
We are still in Stoke Stranded with no car and unable to move until Mum is out of Hospital.

Nev Wells said...

It's the Norths way of keeping you up here .... ;-)

Hope its not too big a repair,


Philip Chota Memsahib said...

I share your frustration as mine did that 4 hours into our holiday in September.
It turned out to be a leak from the oil cooler which was replaced by RCR.
I was told not to run the engine with no oil in the gearbox but the nice lockie at Old Windsor allowed me to stay on the moorings there with leccy hook up
Good Luck

Maffi said...

YThanks guys I hope it is an easy fix