Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dogs and snow

I love the snow . Everything is so clean and pristine, but drop a a turd on it and the surrounding snow will melt  and it becomes prominent. This morning I must have seen more than 20 fresh deposits between bridges 2 & 3 while out with Molly.

Of course the snow confuses dogs. They generally crap on the green stuff, but now with the green stuff and the brown stuff covered with a layer of white stuff they don't know to do doo dooos on the white covered green stuff. They just poop anywhere!

Of course its not their fault, but inconsiderate owners. Add to them the bag it and chuck it bunch and you will find it is not a small minority, but quite a big minority that are shitting all over the country. And do they care? NO!

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Anonymous said...

Maffi don,t you know its easier to pick up when frozen...Being sold in your nearest supermarket next to the horse meat....