Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Flicks

Thursday, or was it Friday, I went to the pictures. I say pictures and not cinema or multi-plex because it really was a picture house the kind we used to have way back when.

Just the one screen. The seating was 12 across and about 20 deep + the circle. There was an intermission with an usherette who sold ice-cream from a tray like they used to.

Do you remember the ticket dispenser stainless steel plate on the counter in a tiny kiosk and the ticket came out of a slot Marked ‘Stalls’ or ‘Circle’? There were radiators all along the wall and drapes all the way to the ceiling.

Not the biggest fleapit but very nostalgic. The sound was fab. Not too loud  but loud enough. It came from speakers at the front of the house. Simple stereo no surround sound like today.

Over all a great nostalgic experience.

Oh I forgot. I saw Les Miserables. Fantastic film really enjoyed it. Quartet next week if the ice hasn't melted. Ho hum!


Anonymous said...

Dammitt! Still want to see that one! Took Kate'n'Chris to 'Hobbit' on Saturday for her birthday and loved it. Now there's 'Lincoln' and we missed 'Skyfall'!

eeyore said...

We saw Les Mis this week too. The ambiance you describe was not evident in our Banbury Odeon but we were in the back row. I had flash backs to my teens and what cinema's used to be like but the Best Mate wasn't having any of it.