Saturday, 2 March 2013

An award

Today I walked with Molly along the canal towards the Blue Lias. The shop at lock 13 said open but I could not find anyone there. I carried on up to bridge 23 by the pub.

On the way back starting at Bridge 24 I counted 77 piles of doodoo between there and Bridge 25. I didn't include the ‘poo bunnies’, of which there were many, hanging in the trees. It’s not even a quarter of a mile. For this there is no excuse. If you were to search for an excuse you wouldn't find one because between these two bridges there are 3 Dog waste bins. One near each bridge and one in the middle by the lock.

I hereby declare that at Long Itchington the stretch of canal between Bridges 24/25 is the dirtiest stretch of canal (dog poo) on the entire system. And is to be henceforth known the shit capital of the canals. In honour of this it will be renamed:-

“Dog Shittington”

and its post code changed to DOG SH1T

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