Friday, 15 March 2013

And todays diatribe.

Isn’t it amazing, on one hand the government are trying to ensure that as we get frailer we don’t have to sell our homes to fund our care costs. At the same time commercial finance marketing company’s are offering to unlock the equity in our homes to ensure the life we paid for throughout our lives is not snatched away by our government who, it seems, see us as a cash cow.

Governments of all types have displayed over the past 30/40 years, if not longer, a total disregard for their purpose in life, what the people want! Despite the university education which most of them got for free most of them display a singular inability to do the job.

David Cameron talks a good job but persistently fails to deliver the goods. We are now over halfway through his administration and he, and his team, is still blaming the Labour Party for the country’s ills. Whilst it is very much the Labour Party that started all this they, The Conservatives, were voted in to fix it and so far they haven’t! They haven’t failed because to fail you have to try, I don’t believe they have tried. Cameron is too intent on lining his own pockets to be bothered with wasting time trying to fix things.

If as they say the problems are so deep rooted that it will take many years to sort it all out then why are those who were responsible for this clusterfuck still calling the shots instead of serving time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. But no they are still arguing over how much bonus they should get this year. That those people, who brought this country to its financial knees, should still be driving around in their posh cars and living the high-life in their big houses is an anathema; a septic spot on the arse of this once great country of ours.

For hundreds of years our fathers and forefathers fought to make this country a better place. In a few short years our elite have screwed it up big tine. They haven’t just screwed it up through incompetence, but also through greed. Maybe the Labour Party allowed this to happen, but the Conservative Party continue to allow this to happen and must now take their fair share of the responsibility for this mayhem. Those who are responsible for this ‘financial’ problem are still calling the shots, are still wanting big bonuses and are saying if they don’t get them they will leave the country to work else where. It may have escaped their notice that ‘elsewhere’ has their own bunch of wbankers who are perfectly capable of screwing up ‘elsewhere’s’ economy without the help of these tosspots. That DC has failed to act and bring these people to justice speaks volumes about his abilities as a conservative, a politician and as a leader. David is in denial. He is failing, he is not listening, he is grabbing at straws. It is when he starts on about God and the church, a la Tony B-liar; we will know he has really lost the plot.

I don’t know how many Chancellors have any financial qualifications, but as I understand it George Osbourne has none. The man who currently holds the purse strings of this country has no proven ability to add up, which he has demonstrated time and time again. It is about time the ‘budget’ was consigned to history. The budget seems to be about where the Chancellor can squeeze more taxes from the populace rather than about what the government does with the money it already has. Increasing taxes only goes to prove that the Chancellor has no fucking idea about finances. Every time Joe Soap works hard enough to earn a pay rise the government automatically get more taxes, 31% of every pay rise in tax and NI. Every time Joe Soap’s company makes a bigger profit the government automatically get more tax. Why oh why do they need to keep finding other things to tax? Every time a rich man dies the government, who have taxed every penny he has ever earned, want a final bite of the cherry. It is as if they feel a man has not done enough in his life that they load his death with more taxes, after all he can’t fight any more. Though I can’t say exactly I would hazard a guess that for every pound earned 60p is paid in tax, probably more. Money that has already been taxed should not be taxed at the final giveaway. Maybe if we paid the entire tax due in one lump on our salary then remove all other taxes it would become easier to understand that the system becomes cheaper to administer. HMRC could cut back on Tax Officers, office space, machinery, buildings etc.

I want that our country should grow. I want that our country should not be deconstructing our health service for personal gain. I want that politicians should do right by the people who elected them. I want that every man who walks into the House of Commons do so with good intentions. I want that the people of this great country are placed first before the wants and needs of the rest of the world, and when our country is put straight then and only then should we see where we could help abroad.

The trouble is what I want and what most people want is just fairy dust. Fairy dust is not powerful enough to fight against the evil that is politics. I find it laughable that those who are telling us “we are all in this together” are saying they deserve a 33% pay rise, while many low paid workers have not had a pay rise in years. Myself I have not had an increase in my meagre income for six years. I would gladly accept just 33% of an MPs salary because that would be triple my current income. If you didn’t understand that one third of an MPs income is three times as much as my income and yet ‘they’ need a pay rise!

Now I get by, I don’t have the best life but I have a life. I live below the poverty line yet, I still pay tax so that MPs can have a 33% pay rise, doesn’t seem fair really does it? The corruption in our government is not just limited to breaking the law, expenses etc but greed.


Anonymous said...

Well said, but what can we do? Yes, we'll have an election in a couple of years, but the choices will remain the same old, same new (which is even more scary, as nothing seems to have been taken in by the next generation of aspiring politicians).
To quote from 'Dad's Army' - 'We're doooooomed!'


John said...

Hi Maffi,

You complain about the chancellor's ability to add up, but your own figures are also obscure.

An MP's salary is currently £65,738 a third of that is £21,912 (agree with you that those MPs who responded to a survey (about half of them) asking for a one-third pay reise have got a nerve).

If your income is a third of that it is £7,304. The basic tax allowance for 2012/13 is £8,105. Unless you owe tax, unpaid from previous years, then any income below this figure is not taxed.

Your 'rant' was quite entertaining, but it's a shame to spoil it with figures at the end that don't appear to add up.


Alf said...

Ever thought of becoming an MP ? That way you could try to persuade the other MP's to do right & earn a decent wage !!

Maffi said...

I dont get as much as that John I wish I did.

Alf 10K a year in my hand would be more than enough.

Sue we are Doooomed!!!

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Well said and Why do we have to have an adversarial system wouldn't it be better if they worked together for the greater good not we must oppose it even if it's a good policy because it isn't our parties idea.

John said...


If you don't get as much as £7,304 a year then (providing you don't owe tax from previous years, and you have no other source of income) then you should not be paying any tax. If you are paying tax, as you claim, then you should be due a refund.


Maffi said...

Jouh send me your email and I will tell you a story about fascist government departments.