Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Calling all dog owners!

I went to Tesco today to get these. They are nappy bags. This ‘bag’ of nappy bags cost 35p for three hundred. each bag cost 0.1167p each. Now I think that is good VFM. I bought 3 x 300 for £1.05p. These will last me for a year. I will have no excuse for not picking up after my dog. Every dog owner needs to stop by Tesco and get a quid's worth of nappy doggie doo bags. If you cant afford a quid once a year to pick up after your dog then how do you afford a dog?
Photo0325Now I sure as hell am fed up with picking up after your dog where I live. I don’t want to have to clean up the floors of my boat  with chemical cleaners that will damage the environment.
Photo0325The law says you have to pick it up and remove it. No chucking it in the hedgerows or tossing it in trees. Don’t talk to me about ‘fertiliser’ the hedge rows grew quite happily with out your dog s--- for some considerable time. Just place it in the bin provided or take it home. If you cant manage that then be wary because if I see you I will take a picture and send it to the dog warden.
Photo0325Your part in this is to reach deep into your pocket and pay the £1000 fine, but of course you have money to throw around so that wont affect you.

The last thing you want is for me to follow you home and do a dump on your door step and you can bet I will because you wont be the first.

Sick smile


Jo Lodge said...

Excellent posting Maffi. I also use these nappy bags and other bags when we have finished the bread. There is absolutely excuse these days for leaving dog poo everywhere. I wish there were more dog wardens, so people actually got fined, then just maybe they would learn a lesson.
Keep up the good work xx

Anonymous said...

Ermm - I owe you an apology Maffi. Not wishing to stir any sh*t but in entering into a baiting session with Heth, she's jumped to the very wrong conclusion that its you with the fishing rod. She's posted publicly her response (but obviously not mine) but what I can do is post to you my side of the coin. Deepest apologies but in winding her up, shes jumped to the very wrong conclusion. Any way, my reply to her was....

Oh now you have proved your IQ equals your shoe size but this time you have brought an innocent into the frame so I am responding.
You’re so clever thinking I have “given myself away” but the only things I have linked to myself even you should see that I’m not Maffi because…..
I’ve stated that I’m an IT leader in a large multinational so am quite capable of covering my tracks. Maffi is a competent PC user but he wouldn’t have a clue what a reverse proxy server is let alone what it can be used for.
I’m on fibre, Maffi is on air so even if you’re half as IT literate as you maintain, you will know running a Reverse proxy ain’t possible unless you’re on a fixed infrastructure.
Again, if your so clever (which I very much doubt), do what you threaten and check the IP’s. Mine varies, Maffies will never.
I’ve stated that “when I get a boat, unlike your heap, it will move”. Maffi already has a perfectly good boat that does already move.
Maffi is an extremely competent writer – I’m not, I’m just an engineer so even you should be able to spot the difference in style and content.
…BUT, the most obvious give away is even when your tiff was at its height, Maffi never hid and never posted anomalously. He is a man of integrity with forthright views which rubs some people up but he never shrinks from defending his position publicly.
So young lady, think again. Try your detective skills and try and find me but just because you’ve had a tiff with another, don’t automatically blame him – you are so far of base, it’s laughable.

Prince Richard

James said...

Maffi, I'm not sure if leaving dog poo on ones doorstep is the correct thing to do. After all, any child or tradesmen may come in contact with it.

Can I suggest that if you are confident in having the correct address that it maybe better all round to just pop it through the letter box.


Maffi said...

J&D When I said I would dump on the door step that is exactly what I meant. I dont need a dog to do what I can do my self. ;) I do like the letterbox idea though I cant see me getting my arse up that high.

Maffi said...

Prince Richard
Thanks for that. I am not exactly sure what is going on. If you click the link for TT on my yet to meet list you will see I left the last comment in the URL a year ago and cannot be bothered with her lies.

Have we met or are we likely to meet sometime? Email in profile

Nicholas said...

I am always keen to do the right thing and always carry (and use) poo bags .... however the forestry commission are now advising "stick and flick" when it comes to dog poo!

What is the right thing to do? I must admit I do "stick and flick" if I am near a wooded area or hedgerow.