Sunday, 18 August 2013


I have given up on Facebook temporarily. I have some nice, good friends on FB but I also have ‘friends’ to whom I would not give house room. People who fail to understand simple criticism. People who have no understanding of  interaction. Who think everything you say is a sleight on their inability to understand the simple concept ”If you are wrong we will tell you you are wrong”, because an idiot can do it better!

Its nothing personal you are just dumb and you need to know you are dumb. If no one tells you, you will live a lie. I see no reason to why one should not speak straight from the hip. If you are an arse I will tell you you are an arse. If you feel offended I will say to you this:- Get a life! It is not my fault you are an arse! Blame your parents!

Life is not easy. We all have to take the knocks. If you cant take the knocks go sit in the corner. In life there are winners and losers, you choose what you are. I know I am not a winner, there that surprised you, but I am not a loser either.

Political correctness is a sham. Come to me with your PC ideas and I will tell you to fuck off. The meek will not inherit the earth coz they don’t deserve it. Simple!

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