Sunday, 18 August 2013


Tom Crossley editor of NBW said to me today in an email:- “I am a marina moorer. I go cruising twice a year and I would like to use the visitor mooring, being a visitor, but I can’t as they are all full.”

The trouble is there are thousands of marina moorers who only go cruising a couple of times a year and they all chose August to set of on their ‘great adventure’, but they are too stupid to see this to be a problem. Of course they cant find a mooring. Understand this Tom there are plenty of empty visitor moorings, but you have to stop in the middle of the day. It is no use turning up at 7 or 8 and complaining you cant find a space. It’s like travelling on a train in rush hour and complaining you cant sit down. Would you like me to draw you pictures!

I do most of my cruising between October and March. I don’t have a problem with visitor mooring they are all EMPTY!!!


Kevin Ronnie said...

A perfect way to sum it up Maffi. Hundreds of bloody threads about this issue doing my suede in.

Hope your well

Kevin Ronnie- Hawkesbury

Wozie said...

Middlewich Arm. Whilst moored between Aqua and Venetian Marinas we experienced their madness too. It seems many of them escaped heading towards each other. We had moored before the weekend thank goodness! We were then surrounded by about twelve boats queuing to ascend the lock. All this caused a 3 hour wait, with just as many boats coming down too.

Maffi said...

Doing fine K coming your way soon.