Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lies, Damned Lies and…..

. . . . .CRT statistics. There are 35 thousand boats on one side and 10 million canal users on the other. This looks like we boaters are a very small minority, but we are not. These two numbers are arrived at using two different methods. CRT know this and are using the numbers, not the methods, to raise a case against boaters.

There are 35 thousand boats yes, but some boats have one occupant/owner some have up to 24. CRT don't mention this.They just count the number of boats. The real figure could be half a million or more.

10 million is not a number to represent the total numbers of people that visit the canals on foot, to fish, dog walking, cycle etc it is the total number of visits that take place. That could be just 100,000 people visiting the canal 100 times a year, which they may do on their way to work.

There are counters around the system which record the number of people that pass a given point and the 10 million are extrapolated from these. The counters are calibrated not to register a dog or a fox or a badger, but it does register boaters, so boaters on foot get lumped in with the 10 million so the ten million includes walking boaters you can see that the 10 million is not a real representation of the number. Yet another pile of misrepresentations from the CRT.

Irrespective of what the numbers are lets not forget that we all, boater, walkers, cyclists alike, pay via taxes for the upkeep of the canal. What could that be Xp per year? Boaters, who supposedly are only 3% of the total users  pay 13%  on top, which is a damn sight more than the so called 10 million visitors who pay nothing else. Ask a walker to pay even £25 year to walk the canal and the towpath will be deserted!!

It seems that the board of CRT have been taking lessons from ‘Call me Dave’ and to all intents and purposes they are learning well. Lie, cheat, misrepresent and make sure your mates get a good pay off!!

Of course I have just made this all up. No really!!


Wozie nb Oakfield said...

You have hit the nail right on the head again Maffi. We live aboard boaters pay the 'lions share' towards the canal system, but what benefits are being provided for us? Tow-paths that are also cycleways are in good nick, elsewhere we sometimes have to plod about in mud! C&RT waste money on creating conservation areas, when most of canals+rivers are natural wildlife areas that boaters enjoy. Landlubbers have to have education boards erected to inform them, so it seems!

Wozie nb oakfield said...

It would be very interesting to know what these counters look like, how many there are and where they are situated.
I hope there are non outside Paddington Train Station for example.
One placed there could easily count thousands passing every day! As you say, they wouldn't be enjoying the wildlife along the canal, but rushing too and from work.

Maffi said...

Hello Wozie. YOu could make a formal FOI request to assertain the 'where and what'.