Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Mooring Bollox

The new mooring rules will come into effect in Thrupp in two weeks. I have to wonder what CRT think this will achieve. At the end of the day if you want a nice spot you need to arrive early. There is no point arriving a 7 pm and expecting a spot out side the pub it ‘ain’t gonna' happen’. People haver been arriving all day to be assured of getting a spot. However they change the rules late comers will not get a look in. They will still have to park out in the sticks.

If the CRT want to make better use of moorings then they should fine people for putting a 40 foot boat in the middle of a 100 foot space thereby preventing a 60 foot boat mooring up.

Photo0327I just cant understand why people will not share rings on the basis of privacy! Honeypot sites and the people who moor there cannot afford privacy. There isn’t enough space! If you want privacy STAY AT HOME. And please don’t make the assumption that the bloke behind you wants his privacy, if he is a proper boater he will want you to share rings to make room for others. Leaving 20 foot gaps between boats at prime places is not only damned inconsiderate it is proof positive that you are a tosser. Now get a grip!!!


Elly and Mick said...

Well said Maffi!
I'll never forget the mouthful we got from a boat near The Old Barbrige Inn for sharing the mooring ring they were on. It was our very first night on our boat and we got a bit rattled. Now it drives me nuts when I see a boat taking up two spaces and I go and ask them to move to let us in.
Elly (nb Parisien Star)
Ps. You can move us down to "bloggers you've met"!

Lyraboat said...

But Maffi, it isn't always the 40 footer.
I know what you say does happen, but sometimes a small boat may have left the space, leaving the other looking like he just arrived and took the space.

Maffi said...

But in this case Lyraboat he slotted into a big space.

Ray Oakhill said...

Well don't even try at Hampton Court at any time of the day. Just try asking a gin palace owner if he can move up a bit and it's like asking to move heaven and earth - impossible!! A snotty guy on a brand new tupperware boat at Windsor would not move a few inches as he had just got in the shade of a tree for the following day. He was away at 9am the following day - it beggars belief!!

nb.Islonian - Welcome Aboard! said...

some of us like to find a 60 foot piece of tin in the middle of nowhere.......ahh bliss

nb AmyJo said...

I bet when a 20 foot boat leaves a mooring not many would move their boat along to make a bigger space for a bigger boat though.

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

We have encountered boaters like this on our travels.
They are either selfish or ignorant we find.
We will always move our boat along to make room for others, if they ask us nicely!