Sunday, 25 August 2013

Oh dear!

Just a few of the things that a have been said about Ellie May’s owner on the net, these from 2008

If it's the Ellie May that I think it is (Green, red panels, lot's of swags of roses everywhere, an ornate wrought iron gate over the front doors, and much flowery clutter on the roof when in residence) then it's already here at Skipton overstaying on the 3 day moorings in readiness for the Festival and allowing their dog to wander around the locality and crap everywhere.

The other Ellie May at Skipton as you enter the arm to the castle was his previous boat. If it is the Ellie May as described I am surprised as the man on board was very vocal about the state of the Leeds/Liverpool and told me of his contacts at BW he has. He claimed to have a BW man in charge of the said waterway on board for his trip to Skipton so he could show he has plenty to complain about. he complained bitterly about ccers paying nothing for moorings and lots of ranting, I thought he was just a kindly confused old man. Oh well.

I don't think Mr Ellie May knew what had hit him when they both knocked on the boat to protest. Probably explains why they've buggered off and left the boat unattended overstaying (about two weeks so far) on the three day moorings.

the guy says he has many many friends at BW, indeed he says Evans is a wonderful man and he sings loudly about Sally Ash , they listen intently to his suggestions of extra charges for ccers in order to raise more income for BW. He claims the Skipton boaters have a lot of time for him also, maybe he is presently staying with some of them while his boat blocks access for others. He gets extremely upset if he hears anybody has the gall to tie up on his home moorings while he is away.


The Grumpy Porter said...

Maffi leave it and just get on with life,there are plenty of nice people on the cut focus on them its not always easy, but the wife is gradually getting there with me. These people are best ignored.

Maffi said...

No sorry it had to be said. He is now dead to me unless he he pisses me off again.