Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Wren


This is a Wren it is the second smallest bird in the British Isles'. Small it maybe, but it is so noisy. Probably one of our noisiest birds. It is the sort of bird that will chirp away and drive you nuts.



This is also a wren. You can see the name written on the bow. Narrowboat Wren, registration No 46466
DSCF8719Like the bird the Wren is small but very noisy especially Mr Wren. At 6 o’clock last Friday evening he was asking another boater to turn his engine off. The other boater explained his reason for running his engine and simply refused, of course, he was within his rights. Mr Wren started threatening him the other boater vociferously replied that the rules state, ‘8 till 8’, but he would turn his engine off when he had some charge in his batteries, which is I think fair enough. Mr Wren was threatening to board the boat and turn of the offending engine. At which point Mrs Wren told Mr noisy Wren to go inside. The Wrens had a young baby on board which, to be fair, was the reason they didn’t want the fumes of a ‘near new’ engine to penetrate their boat.

Now I might be a Grumpy old git,DSCF8707 
but to my mind when you choose to have a child that is your choice. You have to put up with it and to some extent change your way of life to cater for that child's needs, wants and wishes. Others don’t have to! You simply cannot turn up in a line of boats and expect everyone not to run their engines just because you have a child. If you don’t want the fumes/noise or whatever to impinge on you and yours then it is you who have to take action not others. You have to chose somewhere else to moor. You cannot simply use threatening behaviour to force others to  comply with your needs/wants/wishes  I suggested to the aggrieved that he should report the matter to the police. The very grumpy Mr Wren needs to be spoken to in a manner that will quieten him down. For a bully like him to be shouting the odds and threatening people when no one is doing anything wrong is beyond the pale. Get a life Mr Wren and seek anger management counselling!!!!

I tell you this so that if you see him moored somewhere you can  maybe moor somewhere else to avoid any conflict.


Anonymous said...

Jeez! I hope you'd warned Chris and Joy of this lil rant!! LOL!

Sue said...

I have a child aboard tonight and a boat arrived to where I was moored and ran his gene until gone 10.30pm

That is inconsiderate beings I moored up before him! Grrrrrrr

Sue said...

I have a child aboard tonight and a boat came and moored by me and ran his gene until 10.30 tonight.

That is very inconsiderate beings I was here first!