Thursday, 15 August 2013

Them new rools

DSCF8735A CRT man has been around this week putting up the new signs. As of the twenty-third of August the mooring rules will change here at Thrupp. So what has changed and why has it changed? The 3/4 14 day moorings just up from the Jolly Boatman are now 48 hour 2 day moorings. the conservation area near Gunpowder Wharf has been extended almost to Sparrow Gap Bridge removing about 4/5 14 day moorings. So in total we have lost 8 14 day moorings and gained a whole new bunch of weeds and several 2 day moorings. What exactly is a 2 day mooring? It cant be a 48 or they would have said 48. We all understand 48.

DSCF8736Has the conservation area been extended because CRT cant be assed to fix the bank that has been caused to collapse by the very creatures they are currently trying to conserve. Why do we need conservation areas on the towpath side. The off side could be is a conservation area and most likely to survive as such because the depth, or lack of it, prevents boats from getting near. I have to wonder what brain dead moron in CRT cant see that. If you moor in the conservation area there appears to be no fine.

I will bet my life that people will still complain that there are no moorings. Simply because the people who complain are the people who arrive at Thrupp and expect to get a mooring outside the pub at 7 o’clock at night. It has always been the case that if you want a good spot you arrive early. The moorings at Thrupp tend to be filled by mid afternoon. Now hire boats both north and south of Thrupp do not generally arrive in Thrupp until after 6. I wonder if the hire companies pushed for this. Seems a bit of foolery to me to send boats out late in the afternoon and complain that they cant get moored up. Nah I cant believe they would but….

The new mooring rules do nothing to address the people who arrive late at night and moor on lock moorings or bridge moorings. It does nothing to address the people who moor up on bends and it does nothing to address those who insist on breasting up where there is little width to the canal.

What it does do is make allowances for hire boats. I would hate to think that this had anything to do with the architect of this new set of rules, who I understand has some connection with a hire boat company or is it two? Personally I cannot believe that would be the case but then with a government selling the NHS to their mates nothing would surprise me.

Same old BW, nowt changes.


Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Well said Maffi, we have also noticed that many of the longer term BW mooring signs up north have been replaced with new C+RT 48 hrs signs.
Some of these 48's are a joke as they are way out in the countryside in the middle of no-where!
We do usually move every two days, but it would be nice to stay for longer in some places.

Sue said...

So what is happening in the winter then? Will the visitor moorings become 14 day moorings from November to March?

No they will not. No winter mooring permits to stay within 1km of a third party mooring site will be allowed.

It is going to be so difficult to find a comfortable winter mooring this year. We will have to moor out in the sticks by the look of it.

Not happy.

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Not the same as BW, but more money grabbing, I'd say. I felt insulted when one of their people set up a posh stall by the Anderton Boat Lift and asked me for money to join their gang. In return you could get all sorts of useless printed bumf from them, non of which I wanted.