Thursday, 19 September 2013


If you don’t want me to tell you what I think don’t ask. I watched a boat do something very stupid today. (Apart from standing on the gunwale ten feet forward of the prop in a high wind). With two boats breasted up on the water point the Anglo Welsh decided to moor up behind them. This meant that their bow was touching the bank on the other side of the bridge completely blocking boats traveling through the said bridge.

The chaps at the water point told them that they couldn’t moor like they were, blocking the bridge. “Well how long are you going to be?” We’ve got two tanks to fill up says the man on the water point. They, AW, told them, water point, they were not being very helpful. Well they were filling up with water, they were moored as far up as they could be (which is unusual here). So the AW boat tried to move elsewhere and bounced off the edge with his stem post several times, all the while the wind was blowing him sideways. One of his crew started pulling hard on the bow rope instead of just tying it to a bollard and letting the wind blow the boat around. Well they are ‘hirers’ they cant be expected to think of this stuff.

But as I walked past on the towpath the man on the rope said , “There’s a lot of windage on these boats isn’t there!” Just there that word ‘windage’ should have been the clue. A normal hirer wouldn’t have said that.

Well I just said, “It takes a bit of forward planning,” as I would have said to anybody on any boat having a problem.

He took umbrage and proved me wrong. He wasn't just a ‘hirer’ “I’ve sailed boats all over the world,” he said, “Not just on these canals. I don’t need blah . . . blah . . .  blah.” So there you have it an expert who wasn’t.

Sorry but if I was an ‘expert’, which I’m not, and making a balls up; which I often do, I would not admit to my experience. If I didn’t want a smart-arse like me to state the bleedin’ obvious I wouldn’t say ‘owt in the first place. And I certainly wouldn’t return with how good I was.

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