Monday, 30 September 2013

Leak Fixer

Last year one of my office windows started leaking profusely. The problem was due to some poor construction. When my boat was built many of you will remember it was shown on the WWW due to the fact that I was in Saudi and could not visit. Well whilst watching the camera one day I noticed the windows had been cut out, but the wrong shape, square at the top as apposed to curved as per the windows which annoyingly were there in the workshop at the time of cutting. This was just one of several balls ups that the builder managed to commit.

Well fillets had to be fixed in to re-shape the window hole. This is where, last year, rust first appeared and fortunately this is the only window to cause a problem so far. The fillets can be clearly seen on all the windows, despite assurances that this would not be the case.

Anyway despite all the shall I, shan’t I dithering I did over the summer I finally set to to stop the leak. I removed the window. This revealed more rust than I first thought. I then removed the rust as much as I could then treated it. The thing I noticed was the thickness of the original paintwork was phenomenal. I put on two coats of primer then 4 coats of International TOPLAC that I originally bought for the gunnels. It wasn't a bad match for colour given that I bought it because it was the ‘blackest’ green I had seen.

I used roofing sealant to re-fix the window and now have a very good looking repair. I need to work on my painting technique a bit, but I can practice when I do the gunnels.

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