Friday, 13 September 2013

Maintain the rhythm.

When we set out on a journey we should always be as prepared as we can. Water tank full, fuel tank full, Maps, food, change of clothes, BWB key. Yep you heard that right BWB key. It is pointless setting off on your journey without all of these things. Without water how are you going to wash? Without fuel how are you going to travel? Without clothes how are you going to smell nice? Without maps how will you know where you are?

If you come up the Thames onto the Oxford Canal you will need a BWB key. Without it you cannot get water so you will end up stinking. Without it you cannot operate the lift bridges so you will have to wait for someone to come along. Further up the system shower blocks and laundry require one and some locks.

The canal has a rhythm that is governed by the locks. If the rhythm is broken by a lift bridge key then the next lock has an automatic queue when the two boats from the bridge arrive. That affects both up and down traffic.

If you are coming onto the canals make sure you are properly prepared including the BWB key.  If you cant be bothered to sort it don’t be surprised if we cant be bothered to help.

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Mike Todd said...

And don't forget the handcuff key if you go further afield!