Friday, 13 September 2013

Phuq off Pixer

I do on occasion look into face book. I have an account where I can see how my old mates from Saudi are getting on. I get to see their families grow up who I knew, their new homes, cars, motorcycles etc.

Just lately they have been using PIXER for uploading pictures. Why they changed I don’t know maybe it the big thing in the Philippines. I no longer see those things as I used to see them because PIXER says when I click on a picture

Pixer would like to access your public profile, friend list, email address and your friends' photos.

So they are asking me to turn over all my contacts details just so I can see my mates new car or his son playing football. Sorry but I will not be harvested by such people. Why do they need this access so I can see one friends pictures. One can only assume that they are not a reputable company as in deed many are not.

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Lyraboat said...

Yeah, I get worried with all these programmes wanting access to our lives. It does occasionally cause me a problem when I want to do something, but they're just leaches.