Saturday, 21 September 2013


That chemical weapons have been used in Syria is, without doubt, a fact. As far as I understand it who it was that deployed those weapons is as yet undecided. Either it was President Bashar al-Assad or it was one of the myriad pockets of rebel forces.
Who would you plump for? Initially it would make some sort of sense the Assad was the likely culprit. He does have the weapons to use.  Arabs have a different psyche to us in the ‘west’ and Arab Presidents different again. If we in the west ran to form we, UK/USA/France/Germany etc, would have bombed the crap out of him. What would he have gained? He would certainly have been ousted, probably killed; and he would have been aware of that.

However, if you were the leader of a group of rebels who were having their ass kicked by a tyrannical thug, wouldn’t you want the west to come in and bomb the crap out of the tyrant and his forces? Of course you would. How would you achieve that? Well you could ask for your friends to intervene, but if they are apprehensive about that then you have to make them want to help.

Setting off a chemical weapon and killing women and children, in the most barbarous way, would certainly tend to push your friends into action. Many people both here and abroad are horrified that the west is not going to stop the tyrant from committing further atrocities, but if you are not sure who the ‘tyrant’ is then, surely,  it is right to hold back.

Yes a thug is killing women and children, and ‘he’ needs to be stopped. As soon as we know who ‘he’ is then I think we will probably go in to help.

I can hear you ask why would the rebels kill their own people. I will quote my own second paragraph, “Arabs have a different psyche to us in the ‘west’. . . .”. Now I can hear you saying ‘that’s a very racist thing to say’, but my experience of the Middle East is that this is the case. Life in the ME is cheap. Women and children are commodities, to be used as the men see fit. If killing a few hundred, or a few thousand achieves the objective then so be it.

I do not say this lightly. I have received a few emails in the past that I have felt the need to report to the police. I have written about the M E on many occasions, I know that there are those who would rather I didn’t. I have lived in three M E countries for a total of five years and whilst I would not say I am an expert I at least have a greater knowledge than some politicos who might only visit for a few days.

By all means have an opposing view but do not tell me I am wrong, only history will be able to do that.


Anonymous said...

As a recently retired member of HM Forces (Army) not Crab Air, who has recently served in both sandpits, I wholeheartedly agree with your summation of the current situation in Syria.
Leave well alone, this is a civil war and none of our business, we do not need another middle east entanglement.

Maffi said...

Thank you.

Neil Corbett said...

We may never find out who set the weapons off Maffi, but I wouldn't disagree with your analysis.

Maffi said...

And thank you Neil