Sunday, 8 September 2013

Water voles Why?

I am absolutely amazed at the antics of the CRT. I read that the CRT are planning to spend £25,000 on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal softening the banks so that water voles can burrow easier into the sides of the canal.

Now I may be wrong, and often am, but if you soften the canal banks to allow such creatures to burrow is the bank likely to collapse? If the bank collapses will it not cost a fortune to repair it? If the collapse takes place in an embankment will the canal flood the surrounding area. costing more in compensation? Do the waterways authorities in this country not understand a thing about the system they are paid to protect.

In 1700 there was not a water vole living in a canal because we had no canals, ergo they are not a native species. To introduce or encourage non native species in the canal is tantamount to vandalism. Those who support this practise should be fired for failing to protect the waterways they are paid to protect.

Such schemes, whether it be voles or reed margins or any of the other plethora of hair brained ideas, are a hazard to canal users boater, walkers, fishermen etc. Collapsing banks, narrowed navigation, over hanging trees, all add to the dangers met on the canals.

Either CRT stops this corporate vandalism or maybe we the people will have to stop them!


Jim said...

Actually even some of us boaters rather like seeing Water Voles on the cut.
In 1700 (or even 1900 for that matter) there wasn't a single motorised pleasure boat on the cut either.
Jim (Starcross)

Maffi said...

Some of us like to see sheep but we wouldn't want to see them on the Motorway?

Temple Thurston was probably the first pleasure boater on the canals in 1904 this led to many others including Tom Rolt in 1938 his uncle many years before that.

Any way to purposely cause faults in the canal system, which could lead to catastrophic failure, to specifically aid the growth of Water Vole communities is tantamount to criminal damage and negligent incompetence.

I too enjoy seeing the water vole but lets be honest the cut is not their environment. They thrive in flowing water, rivers, and the cut is not that.

If they flourish without our support then fine. If we have to create artificial environments for them to flourish then we are barking up the wrong tree. Most canals are near rivers. Water voles can and do thrive there, its their environment. Why are we encouraging them to come to a 'foreign land' where life is hard.

Voles should live in rivers where they can thrive. If we want to see them then we should go to the rivers not voles come to the canal.

berth said...

well - humies are not native as well and still they feel at home everywhere and think its their right to do.
Anyway: you're right that soften a bank is quit soft thinking and voles should go where they want without humies help. Humies are making things worse when they try to help nature. Nature don't need any help of humies and it will get rid of them when needed...

Maffi said...