Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Well Well Well

Its that time of year when talk of ‘budgets’ and ‘bonuses’ is all the rage. To be completely accurate any time of year is time to talk about bonuses, especially those of the CRT.

Alan Richards seems to be of the understanding that CRT directors and other workers (by that I am assuming managers) received in the region of £800,000 bonus collectively.

CRT being a charity aside, I am having trouble with the concept of ‘rewarding’ people, on sky high incomes, if they do their job  properly.

Surely the better motivation would be to cut their salary if they didn’t perform. Tie a man down to a long term contract (that he cant wriggle out of)  and cut his salary every time he fails to produce the goods. If his salary reduces below 75% then fire his arse. No pension. No Golden handshake.

It is preposterous that people are rewarded again for doing what they have already been paid handsomely to do. Especially in a charity organisation. More especially if they have fucked up elsewhere.

We are in a recession. We can not afford to pay workers a living wage, and yet across industry the double reward scheme for the higher echelon is epidemic.

You never hear of a Street sweeper or a toilet cleaner getting a bonus or the guy who drives your bus to work.

Yes it takes men of vision to build up an industry, but they cant do it without the workers.

One thing you can be sure of is we are NOT all in this together.

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