Thursday, 10 October 2013


Well Windsor did not hold me. We were up and gone well before nine. In fact when we arrived at the next lock (Boveney) I went and made a cuppa and a sandwich while I waited for it to open at 9.

Molly refuses to go inside the boat while I am on the tiller. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets if I say go inside she puts on her ‘no I don't want to go in I am staying with you ‘ look. Silly girl!!!

I have lost count of the number of herons I have seen on this trip, but I can count the seven kingfishers easily.

This is a pair of Archimedes’ screws. To get this picture you have to be grounded, yes on the bottom, but where?



I moored in Kingston on the town side 24s. Spent the next half hour talking to the local bobby.

Tomorrow I am going to meet up with an old friend for lunch in Teddington.

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Ken and Sheena said...

Romney lock weir stream? We've often glimpsed the screws while going down the lock cut. They supply hydro-electricity to Windsor castle, allegedly.