Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bother! Bother!

It took some time to get myself sorted this morning. I needed a pump out and to say a few good byes, as well as checking up on my Midland Chandlers order. By eleven o’clock I was off on my way to Oxford. The plan was to stay for two days until my glasses were ready, pick up some important shopping and then onto the Thames heading for the metropolis. Best laid plans and all that, I had just come out of Kidlington Green Lock when the phone rang, Boots the Opticians’ My glasses are in when would I like to collect them? They said they had a space at 3.00. I said I would try to get there. Bother! I hate having a schedule!

I made it to Hythe Bridge by 3.35 after following nb Lotus down the ‘arm’, and moored in the last spot.I didn't get to Boots until 4.00.

My glasses are FAB and I can now see noses. A recheck of the pressure in my eyes revealed a problem. The pressure was 28-30 as opposed to 19-20 four years ago. This may be some cause for concern and may need a trip to the Oxford Eye Hospital. Bother!


Wozie nb oakfield said...

Bon Voyage Maffi, looking forward to meeting up with you somewhere on the system again.
We will be following your progress with the wonderful Molly via your excellent blog.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

We are anxiously awaiting the further tales of Maffi and Molly: Winter Cruise 2013!
Jaq and Les