Tuesday, 22 October 2013


This morning started with a wally. I am coming up the Fishery Lock when another boat comes along wanting to go down. So he stops right in the line I need to go out of the lock. I think he was expecting me to steer around him, I didn’t. Of course then it was my fault, f***ing idiot.

All of the locks I did today were faulty in one way or another. Many had to be left empty when leaving. This is a pain when going up.


When I came this way six years ago only one lock needed to be drained. These locks are hard enough to do on your own without CRT making it harder.

At Lock 55 by the Rising Sun I found this safety hazard.


I called CRT and ask for it to be removed. What was the Landlord thinking!!!

This has been sunk on the 61 lock mooring for nearly a year DSCF9420What are CRT doing about it?

When I went through Winkwell swing bridge this interloper heard the bridge alarm and cast off and waited till I was mooring up to pass through the bridge. I doubt he had a key. Too many on this canal living of the backs of others.


On a happier note I met a guy who had lost his windlass so I sold him a rusty one for a fiver. Re-e-e-sult!


Naughty-Cal said...

You seem to be finding a lot of idiots on your travels Maffi.

Any nice people to report on?

Mike Griffin said...

Welcome to Cowroast! I moor there and would have liked to met up but other things prevailed.

Are you and Ex Brat? if so there is an excellent museum at Halton, near the end of the Wendover Arm. Sorry but it's only open on Tuesdays.

All the best.

Mike Griffin.

Neil Corbett said...

Well we have both benefitted - we found a nice one at one of the locks!!
Nice to see you yesterday even if it was only for a short chat.
Enjoy your trip.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Maffi said...

NC God was very good when he made the idiot he didnt bunch them together but spread them out so you get to see one every day

MG Brat!!! No but I did do two tours at Halton as an Instructor.

NC (Herbie) Nice to see you too will send details, but you might like to look at the Samik super Strat.

Maffi said...

I saw that Kath I thought it may be one provided by the pub, but my man said he lost his by a pub.

Maciej Piszczek said...

wow nice blog