Friday, 4 October 2013

Day Two

I went shopping replacing a drawer full of holey socks with Primark specials and the fountain pen I lost in the canal a few weeks ago. There were three pens of the type I lost Red/Black/Blue for some strange reason the Red and the Black were £12. The Blue was only £10. Three identical pens (except for colour) two prices. The mind boggles.

If anyone is interested there is a phenomenal music shop in Oxford on the Cowley Road called PMT. They had four 12 string guitars in stock. I was looking to swap my Fender Strat  But the chap said I would be better off selling private then buying the 12 str. So if you know any one who wants a Fender Stratocaster for Christmas let me know. It’s in near new condition (one small dink). I doubt it has been played more than twenty times. Comes with a hard case and original manufacturers labels.

looks like this

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