Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dear Customer

Have you had any of the CRT emails from Daniel trying to tell you what you can do on the water or asking what you thought about a video you never received?

I have and I really don’t want CRT to use my email address to spam me with crap emails so I wrote to Daniel.

I don't do this smaltzy advertising gig. It may surprise you to know that I am a grown-up. I know what I want from boating and I do not need you or anyone else at CRT to 'suggest' things I might like to do. The CRT has my email address to inform me of important things like when I can expect the universe to collapse. Using it in this way is an invasion of my privacy. Might I suggest that if you want me to pay my licence this year you delete my email address from your database. In all seriousness if the universe is about to collapse I wont really care. I don’t think I can make that any clearer, do you?

Of course my mistake was to end with a rhetorical question because I don't really think he under stood hence I received this the next day.

Dear Maffi

I’m sorry to hear you have not found my emails of use or interest. I am glad to hear though that you know what you do enjoy and wish to get from boating and hope that this continues.

I will ensure that you no longer receive future emails of this type from the Trust.

Best wishes


Some people are just asking for a slap.

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