Thursday, 24 October 2013

In coming………

I do find it interesting what politicians of the past have said about all sorts of things. This should be an eye-opener.


I have four copies of this book on my boat and wonder if they (books) are having an effect on me.


Lyraboat said...

Most of these statements could be said of Christianity/Judaism.
It's religion that is the problem.

Gary Carolyn said...

Hi Maffi
Sorry I missed you at Cosgrove but my wife said it was lovely to meet you... below is the link to our blog.Hope to catch up with you in the future.

Maffi said...

At one time yes maybe but in modern times they are talking about the Koran. If you havent read it please do. And just imagine living you life by it, right down to which foot you step into the toilet cubicle.