Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I spread out the remaining embers this morning to ensure they were out before I left the island. The boat that had been moored up a hundred yards away, that I thought was empty, started up and buggered off.

I took a slow meander down the river. This afternoon I nearly got another rowing boat who decided to come up my inside as I was passing a moored boat. Are these people really so stupid? I passed the Maidenhead Rowing Club. They have lots of boats there so I don’t feel so bad about breaking one on my last trip down the river.

I arrived at the public mooring by Windsor racecourse and this big boat moved so I could get in. A nice gesture but he wouldn't have had to move if he moored considerately in the first place instead of in the middle of the ‘available’ space.

Of course on a canal I would have been told to Feck Off!!!

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