Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday: What a fab day

I managed to drag me out of bed at seven today. Bones wants a picture of a chimney (not mine) so I walked back up to Hythe Bridge.


I took a lot of pictures mostly of spider webs covered in early morning dew. Like this one


I headed off to Sanford Lock to meet Kim & Jim for Sunday lunch at the Kings Arms. We followed that with a cruise to Abingdon. The weather was, as you know, first class. What a fab day we had.


I think we both got a picture of this boy

I ended up moored next to an arse who ran his generator all night. It would have gone in the river if he hadn’t chained it down.


Have you ever notice these morons never put the generator outside their own window. It’s always 60 feet away at the other end of their boat and they always claim they cant hear it.

If you cant live with out TV get your system fixed!!! At night generators should be for emergencies only. If you are watching TV there is no emergency?


Anonymous said...

Thought the rules said that you can only run a generator or engines from 8am to 8pm.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Running Engines and Generators

Be aware of how much noise or smoke your engine, generator or diesel central heater makes outside. Do not run these next to houses or near another occupied moored boat if there is the possibility of intrusion of noise or fumes.

Engines and generators must not be run after 8.00pm or before 8.00 am. (Canal & River Trust Byelaws).

Maffi said...

CRT do not have jurisdiction over Old Father Thames. :) but there are similar words at the EA

Lyraboat said...

I'm surprised that you put up with it!
Didn't you ask politely that he turn it off, it's after 8.00 pm and you shouldn't be running it, Sir - or is that spelled cur?

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

The off switch has an amazing effect
Enjoy this years adventure Dave & Beryl nb Sokai