Monday, 14 October 2013


wemblyIt rained most of the day.

When it finally stopped I walked Molly and noticed the amount of rubbish. I spent an hour or more collecting four bags of it including one sack full of aluminium cans weighing several kilos.

I moved the boat to Alperton where there was a convenient Sainsbury’s. Though closed it would be handy for the morning.

Near Greenford moorings there is a basin, Line Wharf. It is not used and though it needs dredging it would hold probably 50 boats. Why is it being wasted?

This is a panoramic view the right side and the left side are normally at right angles to each other. I am standing on the bridge.

With so many boaters claiming there is nowhere to moor it seems incongruous that this basin is left vacant. Yes I know it is not in the middle of London but many people commute from further out than this.


Harryman said...

Yes, passed this basin a few times and wondered about it. Is it some pointless nod to history, the shell of an old basin like that laughable dry dock at Tesco Bulls bridge. PS Is there much room in P Basin? We are heading that way. K

Maffi said...

Variable. The Continuous Avoiders have it reasonably well sown up