Tuesday, 15 October 2013

That roll up bridge

I am reliably informed that the roll  up bridge in Paddington Basin cost £700,000. That is a lot of money for a bridge that only reduces the walking distance by 120 feet. It would have been cheaper to fill in that little off shoot as no one is allowed to use it anyway.

Today they unrolled it and rolled it up again and then rolled it down and left it. I had intended to put a video here but those returds at YouTube don't want to let me in so F*** ‘em!DSCF9263

I found this old cemetery converted into a park which was a nice place to walk Molly. All the old head stones were lined up against the perimeter.

These two were fascinating. Mort Bones will like these.DSCF9268DSCF9269

There are a lot of these prisms mounted on poles with one at the top and one at the bottom. They are not illuminated, you cant see right through. and they all seemed to be angled to the same spot on the other side of the water. No idea what they are for.


I am moored behind nb Chance this evening having moved up from M&S earlier.


Tomorrow I will visit my mother in south London the bus goes from just behind the building I am moored by.


Neil Corbett said...

The bridge was built by the same guy who did the Olympic cauldron (Heatherwick I think). I think it is a 'sculpture' rather than a real bridge. And not paid for by BW. There is already a video of it rolling up on YouTube. I thought roll up day was a Friday.
Glad you found mooring ok in the basin, what's it like now? Have they sorted out the overstayers?
If you are still around on Thurs (I think) eve there is a big gang of people who get together in the station forecourt and play music, it's great to listen to.
Kath (nb Herbie)

MortimerBones said...

Lovely pictures!!!!

Halfie said...

It looks like there are little lights on the posts immediately behind the lenses. If so, they would perhaps be for creating a sort of light feature over the water.

Maffi said...

No John they are not lit. There are no wires and the back is enclosed. It is probably something to do with the glass sculpture on the opposite bank. They are all set at slightly different angles to the bank but I think they all seem to 'point' at the same place on the opposite bank, which I think is a light.

I have been here three nights now and have not seen whatever effect it is they are supposed to create.