Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To the family home

Today I took the bus to see my mother. She seemed well for 90 but her memory is not good. She asked me several times if I was older than Stephen. This might seem like a reasonable sort of question until you understand I am Stephen.Mum%20@%2090

Its all her own hair. My father also had a lot of hair. This is probably why I too have great quantities of hair.

The bus cost £2.40 from Paddington to Streatham about 8 miles. The second bus from Streatham to Mitcham cost £2.40 for a distance of about two miles. Is it so difficult to have a sliding scale?


Anonymous said...

All you need to do is locate your not inconsiderable brain, put Kim's address as your 'home' and you'll get a bus pass - all will be free
One can get fed up with repeating the same stuff - it ain't difficult honest!

Maffi said...

YOu missed my point!!!