Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ban Smoking

Yesterday I set of with a bag down to the lock which was undergoing repairs. On the way I collected a full bag of litter. When I returned to my boat the towpath from the Albion Inn to Loughborough lock was pristine.

This morning I took Molly for her morning constitutional,  Within sight of my boat I saw an empty cigarette packet, Still within sight of my boat down to the bridge I picked up a further five empty packets.


It would seem that MAYFAIR smokers are litter louts!


Anthony DeLuca said...

I must say, good for you in doing the right thing. It is disgusting the amount of litter I see everywhere, including the thousands of used cigarette butts. I always thought if anything, someone should invent biodegradable cigarette butts.

KevinTOO said...

Keep up the good works Maffi :)

It's a shame that people can't take their own rubbish home with them though :(