Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Computer Security

Whenever you down load anything onto a computer you have to be very careful. It is easy to get distracted and just click through the dialogue boxes. You can end up with all sorts of crap on your new ‘puter. All manner of stuff appears, search engines, browsers. file managers, download managers etc. All for the sake of paying attention and watching what you click.

Often the first you know about it is when you next switch on or open up your browser and find that your home page has changed. This is most annoying. My home page is this one. I just wouldn’t dream of having another, but my email/FB/Twitter also open tabs at the same time.

So I start looking to change all that has happened. The trouble with removing these programs is that they are not very well written. Some use .dll files already on your system and of course write into your system registry. When you uninstall a program it takes some .dll files with it leaving you short. Entries written into the registry are left there and may cause a problems at a later time. And then there is the odd file that is left behind which feeds information to the now defunct software company.

I have ben doing this ‘putering stuff for 23 years now and I still just click through. One should have learned by now. But what amazes me is that whilst I wanted a program to turn a video the right way up the company thought I might like a new browser and search engine not forgetting a music management system. Throw in with that a dating site and I have the full set.

Getting rid is never easy and the ‘puter never works the same again. Woe is me!


That said... said...

CCleaner combined with MalwareBytes Maffi, you have probably heard of them. I find the combined use of these two keeps things hunky dory!!

Alan Montague said...

I blame the mouse, the clicky bit is too easy to use.

Robert Hawkins said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who clicks without looking too often.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi,
Hand/eye co-ordination not what it used to be?