Sunday, 26 January 2014

I used to like him.

Maffi@TheMaffster 24m

@metpoliceuk As George Osborne benefitted directly from cutting 50p tax rate is this not misuse of public office?

Lord John Prescott@LordJPrescott 16m

@TheMaffster << muppet or loon, cannot decide?

Maffi@TheMaffster 12m

@LordJPrescott George or me Sir?

Lord John Prescott

@LordJPrescott 5m @TheMaffster jeez. the left deserve you.

Maffi@TheMaffster 1m

@LordJPrescott Well just remember the next time you pick up your welfare cheque from the HoL I contributed towards it.


Adam said...

You are aware that's a parody account aren't you? JP's real twitter account is @johnprescott.

Maffi said...

No shit Sherlock!