Tuesday, 7 January 2014

If this is true….

….I will kill her myself!


Understand this McVey We are not all in this together. Think back a bit



John said...

Hi Maffi,

This link will take you to the Parliamentary debate concerned.


The full comment at Column 814 is
" In the UK, it is right to say that more people are visiting food banks, as we would expect. [Hon. Members: “ Give way!”] No. Times are tough and we all have to pay back the £1.5 trillion of personal debt, which spiralled under Labour. We are all trying to live within our means, change the gear, and ensure we are paying back all the debt that we saw under Labour".

I've highlighted the parts used in the original quote, I think leaving out 'to say that more' does change slightly the context, but never the less the sentiment is clear she is not worried about the plight of poor people in this country.


Graham said...

Hang on Maffi, the poor woman only receives a "three figure salary".

She'll be in the food bank queue herself right now!

But at least she'll be able to claim her travel costs on expenses.

nb Achernar said...

Umm......amazing how selective editing can change the context. Let's not forget who got us into this financial mess.......LABOUR who cynically pretend to like poor people but don't really care either.

Anonymous said...

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Maffi said...

It matters not who got us in to this mess the Tories have had four years to fix it and only got us deeper in the mire. And lets not forget they are only in it for what they can get out of it for themselves and their mates.

Robert Hawkins said...

The trouble is virtually all of our politicians are in it for themselves. They can be bought for a number of reasons.
I don't have the answers, but that's what we pay politicians for.
What a cleft stick situation!