Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Maffi to-
@Tesco There is a Tesco shopping trolley outside 50 Ferryman's close Loughborough fished out of the canal. That's two this week. You owe me! 

@TheMaffster Haha, thanks for letting us know, could you DM the postcode please? =)

Maffi to-
@Tesco Its not funny it has locking wheels. No I don't have the post code try looking at a map Number 50 Ferrymans Close

@TheMaffster There is quite a few "Ferrymans Close" in Britain. Could you tell us which town this in please? We can then let our team know.

Maffi to-
@Tesco See first tweet

No reply!!!

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Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Yeah I've had a run in with the Tesco HQ and their Rugby branch about trollies in the canal.
I gave up in the end after they skirted around the problem on numerous occasions.
My conclusion is that they are all a bit dim and only focused on profit, Maffi.