Thursday, 2 January 2014

State of the nation

We are supposed to be a modern, first world country, but we have hundreds of thousands of people using food banks. We have people who do not have enough money to buy their food. These are not benefit scroungers, but people who are working, but paid a pittance in salary to the absolute shame of our once great country.
Never mind, the EU will come to our aid with offers of money to support the food banks. And they did! Hoorah! Our government in their twisted logic refuse the offer. Read that again I’ll put it in capitals.
We should all be baying for blood, their blood. What kind of public servants, for that’s what they are, refuse a hand out that is to help their country’s most needy: most hungry citizens.
I will tell you, the kind of public servant who is a psychopath. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ian Duncan Smith all seem to fit the bill. In a fairer world these three would be dead and a few others besides. They have no compassion, they have no honour, they have no scruples. They are the very pit of humanity. They are abusing their position to help their rich friends get richer.
I find it incredible that the richest three hundred (300) people in the world have more money than the poorest 2 billion (2,000,000,000) people. Now add to that our Queen: Did you know that Aunty Liz owns 15% of all the land in the world, not just the UK, but – in -  the -  WORLD.
So any right minded person must ask WHY do we have food banks? Why are our people going hungry? Even that sweet old lady and her lizard family are hoarding money that could help put this country back on its feet, yet we ‘serfs’ who don’t earn enough to eat still pay her millions every year. Sorry but if she wants to be queen she should jolly well use her own money. She should be paying us to let her be queen. What f**ked up old lady lets tossers from ETON f**k up this country. She is not our Queen, she is just a queen. Nobody important at all!
Dear David you are failing millions of the people you are pledged to care for. You are as much good as a rotting cabbage. Get out!


Jim said...

Good Grief, Maffi For once I agree with you 100%! and I'm done cold sober!

Anonymous said...

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Eddie said...

Reminded me of something my late dad used to quote when talk down the pub came round to politics " Come the revolution the last man we will hang will be the one who sold us the rope".
My old man made Arthur Scargill look like a namby pamby liberal.

nb Achernar said...

I take it you won't be voting Conservative at the next election then

A Heron's View said...

Well said Maffi!
I totally agree with you.

Henhouse said...

Sorry to be in pedant mode, but 2 billion is 2,000,000,000.

2,000,000,000,000. is 2 trillion.

This has been the accepted usage for the last forty years or so.

Happy New Year. M.

Maffi said...


Anne / Olly said...

And how do we move on to a fairer, more just society? Radical revolution praps which does seem to be the only way out of this but even then those in power will doubtless find it impossible to eventually abuse their position.

Stevo said...

Cameron has only one thing going for him. He's not Tony Blair.

grey wolf said...

LOL don't beat around the bush just tell it like it is! You could add Patterson to the top of that list as well.For his persecution of badgers and against scientific advise,his advocating that ancient woodland could be cleared of housing,provided 10 times the number of trees were planted{missing the point of the word 'ancient'] and being one of the few opposing the ban on pesticides in Europe causing the depopulation of bees.
Bang on as far as Carmon's cronies are concerned